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Dental Implants in Pocatello, ID

Root Canal
"I had zero pain after the placement of my implant".
             -Michael H.-

Dental Implant Solutions

If you have any experience with missing teeth you have probably wondered what dental implants are and if they can be a solution for you.  A dental implant is an artificial replacement for a tooth root.  Implants provide a solid base for multiple forms of replacement teeth.  Dental implants are a great long-term option for people with missing teeth, failing teeth, or chronic dental problems.  Dental implants are becoming the gold standard of tooth replacement because they fit, feel and function like natural teeth.

What makes dental implants so comfortable and secure is their ability to fuse to your bone.  Once the threaded implant body is inserted into the bone, the living bone cells grow onto, or adhere, to the implant surface.  This union forms a strong and solid foundation for you new teeth.  Once fully integrated into your bone, implants allow you to eat uninhibited, avoid tooth problems and smile freely.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or they can also be used to replace multiple teeth or even a full arch of teeth.  If you have lost a complete arch of teeth, are tired of your old denture, or have an entire arch of failing teeth, you may be a candidate for an implant denture. Any failing teeth are removed, 4-6 implants are placed and a full arch of teeth is fastened to the implants.  This procedure is also referred to as an all-on-x, all-on-4 or even a hybrid implant denture.


Dr. Baker has taken multiple advanced courses on bone grafting and implant placement including an extensive Maxxicourse sponsored by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry(AAID) where he received over 400 hours of implant specific training.   He is passionate about creating an ideal oral environment where implants can be placed and be successful long into the future.

Dr. Romriell received thorough implant education during his prosthodontics residency.  He specializes in restoring complex dental needs.  He understands the misery of missing teeth and is passionate about restoring your teeth so you can get back to smiling worry-free and eating with ease and comfort. He has over a decade of experience with improving peoples lives using dental implants.

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