If You Have Perio, We've Got You Covered!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

If at some point you've had a visit to the dentist and were diagnosed with Periodontal Disease (a.k.a "Perio") you were likely told you need to have a series of rather expensive treatments done in order to help you deal with this condition.

Perio is a very serious matter that requires continual care, but thanks to our Periodontal Plan treating it doesn’t have to empty your wallet!

Just as a refresher let's see what Periodontal Disease is:

We tell our patients:

"No insurance? No problem."

That's because we MakeSmiles for our patients by offering a hassle-free and affordable option to receive the dental treatment needed to remedy Perio and keep its harmful symptoms at bay.

Our Perio Plan is an all-in-one monthly-paid subscription used to cover the total cost of both the removal of plaque trapped between your teeth and gums - as well as the equally important routine treatments needed to prevent further plaque and bacteria from returning.

Here's a breakdown of what you can general expect to pay at a dental office vs what you'd pay on our Periodontal Plan; providing you with immediate coverage for treatment.

Signing up for our Perio Plan or any of our other in-house coverage plans is as easy as talking to any of our staff and providing us with your autograph. We're here to better serve the Eastern-Idaho area by saving you money on important treatments and we believe offering these types of plans are a huge step in right direction.

As always, remember to smile & thanks for reading!

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