Looking For New Dentures or Tired of Your Current Traditional Dentures? "Hybrids" To The Rescue!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

If you're trying to accomplish the following:

  • You're missing teeth and want to replace them.

  • You have trouble with your current dentures and are ready for something better.

  • You have trouble chewing and want no dietary limitation in the future.

  • Are researching options for replacing your teeth.

  • Want to achieve a beautiful smile . . .

Read on - we're here to help! We present to you Hybrid Implant Dentures! They're an amazing solution for everything you or a loved one may be looking for and act as an outstanding alternative to traditional dentures as a form of tooth replacement.

What are Hybrid Implant Dentures or Implant (Supported) Dentures?

Implant [Supported] Dentures are more stable than regular dentures, they make it easier for you to speak, and you don't have to worry about the denture(s) going loose or falling out of your mouth which can definitely save you from embarrassment.

Implant dentures can be cleaned the same way as your normal teeth. That means, no need for denture cups or cleaning tablets! Be sure to watch the implant denture video below to learn more:

What are the main benefits of Hybrid Implant Dentures or Implant (Supported) Dentures?

Hybrid implant dentures offer a more secure fit than traditional dentures. They significantly improve your ability to chew. They're very easy to maintain (since they do not require daily removal for cleaning) and they provide a very natural look! Hybrid Dentures will certainly be capable of giving you the perfect smile you've always wanted and can even resolve gum irritation issues that you may have with traditional dentures. Check out this video where our very own, Dr. Paul Romriell, explains how Hybrid Implant Dentures are made and tailored specifically for each patient. They're truly one of a kind!

Whether you're looking into obtaining dentures or already have traditional dentures and are looking for an even better solution, feel free to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Paul Romriell. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get them all answered by a highly trained and award winning dentist. If you'd prefer to talk to someone right away give us a call at 208-478-5700 and we'll be happy to help as quickly as possible. :) Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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