SmileMakers Heats Up Winter with a Free $50 Giveaway!

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Hey SmileMakers family, we know it's been a long and cold winter so we want to go ahead and heat things up as a special thanks for being patients with us.

This winter we're doing a free $50.00 prize giveaway to WINGERS Roadhouse Diner!

If you've been to our office lately, you may have noticed a pin-board hanging on one of the waiting room walls. This is a new addition to our Pocatello office and we'll be using it to host regular social media contests & giveaways dedicated to giving thanks to all of our awesome patients just like you!

Our first giveaway is all about smiles :)

It'll only take 3 easy steps to get your hands on our first free giveaway: delicious wings!

1.) Think of who or what makes you smile most & prepare to take a selfie.

2.) Post a picture or group-selfie online and tell us why it makes you smile.

3.) Give us a shout by tagging us so we can find the image online.*

(**The social media platforms to use are Facebook and/or Instagram only!)

Make sure to use the tag #smilemakersdental or your picture may not be found or put towards the drawing!

If you're not too familiar with taking photos and posting them online you're more than welcome to bring us a photograph directly. Be sure to put your first and last name somewhere on it so we know who to reach out to if you're drawn for the reward.

On March 1st, 2019 a random participant will be selected and awarded the $50.00 Giveaway to WINGERS! All entries pictures will be posted on our Contest Wall in our Pocatello office. As the weeks go on be sure to spread the word and keep an eye on the pin-board as the collection of smiles grows.

Thanks again for being patients with us at SmileMakers Dental! We look forward to seeing all of the things that make you smile most :)

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