SmileMakers Acquires New Ways to Help Patients with 3D X-Rays

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Here at SmileMakers Dental (Pocatello) we've picked up some shiny new hardware!

KaVo OP 3D (Cone Beam 3D Imaging) The "OP 3D" is more environmentally friendly by replacing lead typically used for shielding radiation with a more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative

Looks super fancy, right?

Well, it is super fancy! It's also incredibly helpful for you, our patient, since with this bad-boy we have the opportunity to see bits of information that our team would never have dreamed imaginable.

Traditionally, dentists are only able to take x-rays that are 2-D and, often time, such x-rays just don't quite give all the vital information needed when performing important procedures.

Without all of the facts, you don't get all the results you truly need.

With 3-D imaging our overall ability to provide you with better treatment and service increases drastically and, as is our #1 goal, the machine provides you with more transparency; shrinking the gap between your doctor walking you through your x-rays and your understanding of what's actually going on.

You know what? Instead of explaining it by word how about we just show you an example of just how awesome this machine is:

It truly is incredible how much technology can help the dental world improve its capabilities and make it easier for dentists to connect with their patients.

You can always count on us at SmileMakers to keep up with the latest technology to ensure you get the best treatment possible. Thanks for taking the time to read the latest news - we look forward to continually taking care of your smile. :)

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